Tarifa is the most southern point of all of Europe. It is a small city surrounded by incredible nature and a breath taking view of Morocco’s rocky coastal line. The city is surrounded by green hills and dense forestry, sharply cut off by long powder white beaches and a wild ocean ahead. The radio in […]

Spanish schools in Tarifa

Study spanish at Hispalense, Tarifa.

Tarifa is well known for its beautiful beaches, and is the surfers capital of Europe. The entire town is involved in some branch of surf-tourism, and attracts young people from all over the world.  The motto of the spanish schools in Tarifa is: Study spanish in the daytime, and chill […]

Spanish schools in Cadiz

Study spanish at Spanish in Cadiz.

If you would like to study spanish at the same time as you learn more about spanish culture and history, Cadiz is the perfect loaction for your spanish classes. Find spanish classes and spanish schools here. Study spanish full time or part time. Basic spanish classes and advanced spanish […]


Cádiz is located on a peninsula and has among the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Unlike Costa del Sol, the beaches are not over crowded. The water is of course a bit colder than in the Costa del Sol since Cádiz is located by the Atlantic coast.

Cádiz is one of the oldest continously inhabited […]

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