Spanish schools in Valencia

Linguaschools Valencia Tel: +34 96 351 0505

You will notice our special atmosphere from the moment you walk in. Our school is based in a Spanish villa next to Universidad de Valencia, close to the old town of Valencia, which makes it an excellent place to learn Spanish.

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Espanolé International House Tel: +34 963 530 404

Searching for Spanish School in Spain & Spanish courses in Spain? Espanole, is a friendly Spanish school in Spain, which offers Spanish courses of the highest quality.

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Mediterráneo Spanish Centre Tel: +34 600 88 61 05

We offer the option to conduct Spanish classes in Valencia comfortably at your own accommodations.

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Spanish classes in Valencia

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. If you want to experience beaches, history, culture and some of Spains most exciting sightings and buildings, you should go studying Spanish in Valencia. Valencia is both very old and very modern. After Spanish class you can enjoy the beaches, experience history in the old city centre or you can enjoy the modern buildings with extraordinary architecture.

Valencia has a large university, so when you study Spanish in Valencia you can enjoy the nightlife with 55.000 other students from all over the world. Attending a Spanish class in Valencia suits for those who like culture, history and big cities.

Find basic Spanish classes and advanced Spanish classes in Valencia here.

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