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We are a friendly language school specialising in Spanish language and activity courses since 1995. You will find your home away from home with us from the moment you arrive.

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Our Spanish language school is located in the very centre of Granada, Spain, and offers more than just a Spanish course.

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Since 1992 Instituto Mediterraneo Sol (IMSOL) has offered Spanish Courses in Spain.

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If you have the opportunity to choose where are going to study Spanish, you should definitely look for a spanish class in Granada.

Granada is famous for its prestigious university, and much of the night life of Granada is dominated by cheerful students from all over Spain. Granada also has many renowned spanish schools and studying spanish in Granada gives you a perfect opportunity to practice your lessons in the evenings with spanish students.

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  • Joanna

    Granada is beautiful with the white mountains of Sierra Nevada overlooking the city. Its Arabic cuarters and old architecture, makes Granada a city where modern Spain meets the Arabic world. This makes for an interesting fusion of small shops in narrow alleys and tapas bars everywhere. Naturally the city is therefore multicultural and the university hosts many foreign and overseas students every year. These were some of the reasons to why I chose to take a Spanish course in Granada and some of the reasons to why it turned out to be an absolute adventure.

    This Andalucian gem is the only city left in Spain where the authentic tapas culture still exists. Not only does this mean that they have the greatest variation of tapas, but you actually get them for free with every drink you buy. I remember walking down the streets with my friends from my Spanish class and going from bar to bar, having a beer or sangria, and getting free food. It is perfect for students, because you save a lot of money that you would normally have to buy food for at restaurants and supermarkets, and instead can spend on taking nice bus trips to explore the stunning natural environment outside of Granada. Me and my class mates also went to one of the many chicha bars they have in the Arabic alleys. They offer amazing tea and you get a great social experience sitting around and sharing the chicha, while speaking only Spanish.

    Granada as a city is great for taking Spanish classes. The city has not been exploited by tourism which means that many of the Spanish people living there are open minded and happy to get to know foreign students. Not only did this help me practice my Spanish outside of class, but also gave me an insight into the true Spanish lifestyle. The park named after the poet Garcia Lorca is filled with park benches amongst the lovely trees and flowers, and there are many old people who gladly have a chat with someone young willing to learn Spanish. It is not uncommon for them to share stories of what Spain was like 50 years ago, as it has gone through some great changes in the past few years.

    Overlooking Granada is the fortress “Alhambra”, which has a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This adds to the dramatic view of the city, and is a “must see” when visiting or studying in Granada. I remember walking through the Arabic quarters up to the view point “San Nicholas” during the warm summer evenings. It gave me a panoramic view over the city during sunset, where you have the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Alhambra and the entire city at your feet.

    Conclusively, Granada is the perfect destination for your Spanish course. It has everything from a dynamic night life, friendly people to a vibrant youth community. You will meet people from all over the world sharing the same interest in learning one of the biggest languages on earth and getting to know a very exciting culture.

    Cheers, Joanna

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