Information to advertisers is a portal where Expats can search for Spanish classes in Spain. Every week there are about 90 students looking for spanish Classes in Spain on our website.

Students can request information from more than one school at a time. This way we give schools the opportunity to interact with more students.

By advertising your Spanish school on this website you will get traffic from people all over the world looking for Spanish classes in the most popular cities in Spain.

Students can send an email directly from our portal to 5 schools who are participating in our services. We forward the emails directly to the schools. You can contact the students directly by email or telephone and make an appointment regarding price and startup date.

We don’t charge anything pr email, but we charge for a period of 6 or 12 months for sending you these email from the students.There is a maximum of 5 schools pr city who can participate in our services.

In addition we will place an ad with your contact information on our website, so that students can contact you directly.
An ad contains:

  • The name of the school
  • Phone number
  • Short information about the school(maximum of 200 characters)
  • Link to your web page
  • Adding your logo is optional but costs more.
  • To avoid spam we don’t put your email address on our website. Instead there is a link where students can send an email directly to your school.

Why advertise your Spanish school here?

This website is a part of Megafon Media Solutions is a collection of specialised websites with smart marketing solutions giving advertisers the opportunity to reach the right clients.

Megafon has been online for over 5 years and has a high ranking in Google on search phrases related to living in Spain, moving to Spain and jobs in Spain. Many visitors are using as an information source while relocating to Spain.

At the moment has more than 27.000 visitors every month generating a total of 75.000 pageviews every month.

On the different pages of there are links to this web site directing relevant users directly to the types of spanish classe they are looking for.

When you are looking for new students for your school you should always use several marketing Channels, because every person is different, thus everybody uses different channels to look for information on the Internet. By using several marketing channel you will simply reach out to more customers.

So if you are already using a marketing certain channel for your property and are satisfied with it, but still have room for more students, you should try adding your school to our web site and allow us to direct more students to you.


This where our visitors are located:

  • 26,2% Norway
  • 17,4% Spain
  • 12,4% Sweden
  • 10,0% US
  • 9,8% UK
  • 8,8% Russia
  • 15,4% Other countries

Please note that the majority of our users located in Spain are Norwegian Swedish and British.

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